Why Rise? | Rise Nation
More Than a Workout


Step into a world where your fitness journey reaches new heights, powered by the dynamic fusion of VersaClimber and IsoPhit technologies. Our studio is a haven for those seeking a low-impact and effective workout experience that transcends traditional exercise routines.

The VersaClimber, a vertical climbing machine, takes center stage in our studio. This versatile piece of equipment engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, providing a full-body workout that is both challenging and exhilarating. As you ascend, you'll feel the burn in your legs, core, and upper body, all while benefiting from the low-impact nature of vertical climbing.

Complementing the VersaClimber is the revolutionary Isophit system, designed to enhance strength, stability, and flexibility. Isophit leverages isometric exercises, focusing on static muscle contractions to target specific muscle groups with precision. This technology allows for personalized resistance training, ensuring that every movement is deliberate and effective.

Our expert trainers guide you through thoughtfully curated workouts that integrate both VersaClimber and Isophit exercises, creating a synergy that maximizes your fitness potential. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, an athlete looking to enhance performance, or someone embarking on a wellness journey, our studio caters to all levels of fitness.


Rise Nation redefines fitness by capitalizing on choreographed climbing created by renowned trainer, Jason Walsh. Drawing on his knowledge and expertise in strength, conditioning, and human physiology, Walsh developed Rise Nation to combine his career in providing effective, efficient, and safe workouts with his passion for music, art, and unrivaled experiences.


Climbing utilizes the body’s primal upright biomechanics, promoting healthy spinal alignment, a balanced physique, and promotes neuromuscular coordination.


Rise Nation classes are momentum neutral which means you earn every foot of elevation you climb. Climbing activates all major muscle groups of the body simultaneously, making our workout the most effective calorie burner on the market. The high-intensity nature of our workout means you only need 30 minutes, and it is low-impact and self-regulating, making climbing more accessible to people at all stages of their fitness journey.


Rise Nation classes, studios, and experiences are unlike anything else in the fitness industry. Geometric, custom-lit ceiling installations coordinate with your workout while concert-quality speaker systems will keep you climbing to the beat. Get caught up in the evolution of fitness with your fellow climbers.


Rise Nation studios are committed to sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, improving our communities, and partnering with sustainable products and businesses. We support and partner with Path water, Public Goods personal care amenities and soft goods, Ka'chava protein powders, Cloud Paper toilet paper, and KoraRae merchandise. Thank you for helping us be a part of the sustainable solution!