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What is Rise Nation?

Rise Nation is a total body, high intensity, and low impact group exercise environment specifically designed to meet you where you are in your fitness and athletic journey. Rise Nation’s signature choreographed CLIMB classes maximize your cardio potential and beat-based abilities while our innovative CLIMB + Strength classes emphasize function, coordination, and force generation for the most well-rounded, efficient, and safe class on the market. The innovative lighting and sound system, motivating instructors, and supportive community are unmatched and will help you achieve your goals!

What do I need to know about my first class?

For those unfamiliar with the equipment, the first class can be challenging because it is something totally new and unique. Your instructor will lead you through the class and encourage you to take as many breaks as needed. Please show up 15 minutes early to get a walk through.

How is CLIMB different from CLIMB + Strength?

CLIMB + Strength will give you 50 minutes of strength-based intervals utilizing the Isophit with cardio bursts on the Versaclimber. Our Climb classes are 30 minutes of choreographed climbing to an instructor-curated upbeat playlist (all of this class is done on the Versaclimber).

What should I bring to class?

Bring a water bottle, a sweat towel, and closed- toe athletic shoes to climb in. Water and sweat towels are available for purchase if you forget!

Do you have showers/locker rooms?

We do have showers with complimentary shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, deodorant, lotion, and a hair dryer. Reusable shower towels are available for $2.

What is the cancellation policy for a class?

Classes need to be canceled 8 hours prior to class time. If you cancel after that window, class packages would lose a class and unlimited clients will be charged a fee (different per studio).

Do you offer a discount for first responders / teachers / healthcare / students / military?

We do! Reach out to your studio directly to learn more!

Do you have a referral program?

We do! If you refer 3 friends who purchase a class through us (not a third party) you receive a free class! Or the equivalent in account credit if you are a member. Email your studio when your three people have taken class and they will get it added.

How can I bring a friend?

Unlimited Members get to bring a friend 2x per month at no cost! 4 per month/8 per month get to bring one friend per billing cycle. To bring a friend, download our Rise Nation app and click the Bring Friend button.

Why do my feet/hands get tingly when I climb?

The first few times we’re on a climber, we tend to hold on really tightly and that consistent pressure can cause our hands and feet to feel tingly. Which is why stopping and shaking out our hands and wiggling our toes helps! With time, engaging core muscles, and lightening our grip in our hands and feet lessens and that tingling goes away.


Why should I get a membership?

Memberships are no commitment, month to month. They come with amazing perks! It is the most cost efficient way to take class with us.

What if I use all my classes before my next payment?

Additional classes can be purchased at a discounted rate in our Rise Nation app!

Do membership credits rollover?

Class credits do not rollover. All classes must be taken in the 30 days after your payment processes.

How do I cancel my membership?

Email your studio 2 weeks prior to your next payment/month, and we will cancel for you.

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