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Rise Nation utilizes basic human movement to deliver a high-intensity exercise unlike any other. Our 30-minute classes take place on the Versaclimber—an upright climbing machine that engages the upper- and lower-body in a constant vertical ascent. And unlike other methods, Rise Nation prevents back injury by putting both anterior and posterior muscles to work, giving you maximum results without strain.


700 to 2500 Feet Climbed

Get the feel for Rise Nation and the Versaclimber in Level 1. This class highlights the basics with in-depth instruction and a focus on form and movement. .


1500 to 3500 Feet Climbed

Pick up the pace in this choreographed session, featuring a wide variety of moves and a higher tempo. A pulsing playlist sets the rhythm of this ambitious climb.


2500 to 6000 Feet Climbed

Experience the ultimate climb in this high-intensity workout designed to maximize calorie burn. Demanding moves and intense elevation gain make this our most difficult class—we do not recommend it for those new to Rise Nation.


You can push yourself further with the Rise Nation team. Our instructors are passionate and supportive, and our studios are outfitted with innovative lighting and sound systems to fuel your workout.


Remember to drink lots of water before, during, and after your Rise Nation class. Our high-energy sessions will get you sweating, so water will be crucial during your workout.

Fuel Up

Don’t come to class hungry—you’ll need the stamina for a successful climbing routine.

Get In Gear

We require closed-toe tennis shoes and recommend breathable, comfortable athletic wear for your workout.

Arrive Early

If it’s your first time at Rise Nation, check in at least 15 minutes early for a quick tour of our studio and an introduction to your Versaclimber?

The Basics

We want to ensure you’re comfortable on the Versaclimber before your first climb. Arrive 15 minutes early and let a Rise Nation staffer know it’s your first time. They’ll familiarize you with the equipment before class begins.

Check In

When you get to Rise Nation, give your name to the front desk staff to check in. They’ll confirm your class and tell you which climber to use.


First-timers at Rise Nation must sign our waiver, which is displayed on our front desk. Please read all sections carefully and review safety procedures before submitting. Any climber under age 18 needs a parent or guardian to sign the waiver to participate.

Easy does it

You’ll climb and dance during your Rise Nation class, but climbing can take some time to feel natural. Be sure to pace yourself and take breaks when you need them.

Rise Together

An open mind and positive attitude ensure a gratifying experience for you and your fellow climbers. Remember that the Rise Nation community extends beyond the studio and rise together!

Learn the Lingo

Classes follow the rhythm, with moves and sequences called out by name. If you’re not familiar yet, don’t sweat it. We’ll be sure to catch you up on new terms as you go.

Climbing 101

A Rise Nation team member will show you the ropes during your first visit, but keep these tips in mind:

Foot straps shouldn’t be too tight. Make sure you have one or two fingers of slack to maintain blood flow.

Check that your handlebars are at shoulder-height, or below. Ask a Rise Nation staffer for help if they’re too high.

While you climb, keep your torso and shins parallel with the vertical post of your Versaclimber.

If you begin to feel lightheaded or dizzy, grab the foam handrails and safely step off your climber. Alert a team member should you need medical attention.

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